Supracompression Rocks London

By Wanda

For Burners in and around Britain, it was costumes ’a go-go’ at Supacompression, an event organized by the Euroburners in London on May 6.

Visually, it was a real treat. Overall, the atmosphere and great friendliness made the night a success. The event was a fundraiser for Nowhere, an annual summer weekend Burner event held in Spain, this year from July 6 to July 9. It brought together an assortment of brethren out to parrrrrrrdy. Fashionistas frolicked with “French waiters” in a night full of freaks and geeks. About 350 people attended, raising £1,300 ($2,400) for Nowhere and Quixotes Cabaret Camp Bar.

Music was provided courtesy of freestyle DJs Supatronix, who from the outset played tunes to enhance an already funky evening. Old and new sounds got everyone out there. You could hardly strut your stuff for the mass of bodies. Folk were so keen it was a sheer delight to behold–a glowing congregation of Burning Man believers, rising to the rhythm on clouds of uplifting tunes. It was an endearing and sassy little show.

Cabaret for the evening was a mixed bag of goodies in which dancers and striptease artistes were demure yet provocative. They provided plenty of nifty moves that brought nods of approval and pleasure-driven smiles from the audience.

Escapologist Mr Flay took his time to unravel himself from chains that bound him from head to toe. In doing so, he revealed this is not a feat for the faint-hearted claustrophobe but rather an art form all its own.

Meanwhile, the French waiters and their wobble boards supplied songs and sing-alongs. Later, this continued in the ladies loos, complete with a more classical set, featuring a lady violinist. It was well-suited to the surroundings, tinkling and sprinkling all in sweet unison.

A special mention must go to Nicholas Immaculate, the tri-coloured stars and stripes costume guy, whose brilliantly baroque outfit complete with bustle, was a showstopper. It would surely even have “President Bonkers Bush” aghast with sheer awe. Thank you, sir, we sure did have a nice day, as well as evening.

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