Bacon in Bacon

07_1_Bacon_in_Bacon1There is no Bacon in Bacon, Indiana. This reporter travelled 200 miles out of the way enroute to Burning Man on an intrepid search for Bacon from BACON. About 40 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, just off Indiana Highway 37 and about 15 miles north of Interstate 64, you will find Bacon Road, which the locals call Bacon Ridge Road. Along this unimproved road, there are only four residences; two custom-built beauties, one modular unit and one mobile home that hasn’t moved in a couple of decades.

The only herd you’ll find are cattle and although they appear to be quite content, they are definitely not swine. A little further down the road, believe it or not, we found the Green Acres Homestead, but Arnold wasn’t in.


We returned to Indiana Highway 37, to search for the nearest business establishment and some answers. Within a mile we found the Pine Valley Bar, Grill and Pizza House. Unfortunately the business is closed down but the plaster pig resides on the porch along with a porcine sign of welcome.

At the town of English, about five miles closer to the Interstate, we cornered the gas attendant and bar owner as he was closing down for the night. The sidewalks roll up there at 8 P.M. so don’t expect a cold one. The attendant showed us a little Hoosier hospitality though and answered questions about Bacon.

“All these many years – my whole life even – I’ve never seen a thing at Bacon and there ain’t no pigs,” he explained. “We buy our Bacon at the local grocery up thar on the hill,” pointing off to the east.

07_1_Bacon_in_Bacon4Despite having no claim to the name through a swine connection, Bacon, Indiana, is a sweet spot for Burners to visit. Located in the Hoosier National Forest, the parkland surrounding Bacon is an exceptional area for wilderness hiking. Many marked trails of varying distances exist and depending on your skill can take a few hours to a few days to hike. The forest also accommodates overnight camping at many wilderness hike-in camps. If you’re looking for a little adventure, check out Bacon, Indiana, but remember to bring your own slices.

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