Howeird’s Positively Playa!


“Pen! Paper! The muse is upon me! Just as well considering there are less than 100 days until the Burn.

To the newcomer, welcome. You are the most important person on the Playa. You won’t get your virgin ass whacked on the way in to embarrass you. It’s just so we can get to know you better. If you wear green solar powered undies you’re golden.

If you want a list of Do’s and Don’t’s, they are few, and are more suggestions than rules. The only thing you need to do 100% is to be Radically Self-Reliant. Anyone may be part of Burning Man if they have a desire to participate.

Black Rock City is very much a live and let live community, but do try and get to know your neighbors early on. You never know when you might need an extra person to hold down your dome in a dust storm.

Easy does it when it comes to drugs. For one thing doing ’em all at the Burn is so Amateur Night and cliché. The other reason is that they are illegal and the playa is crawling with feds and undercover narcs with night vision goggles and video cameras who WILL arrest you if they see you with a doobie. The fine for weed alone has been $500+ in previous years and jail time is not out of the question since it’s federal land – so think before you dink. Yep, this is the same state that gave us Las Vegas and “what happens here, stays here” but some Burners stayed here longer than they wished.

I truly hope your first BM is the same kind of life changing, uplifting, spiritual experience it was for me. Keep coming back.

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