Mutaytor Changes Its Mind

By Pulpracer

 Without stating the bleeding obvious, LNT stands for Leave No Trace. Enough said, I say. However here are some LNT practices to consider:

After uncertainty with the arrest and departure of its founding member Matty Nash, The Mutaytor, Black Rock City’s own house band, is planning a return to the Playa in 2007. Having declared after its 2004 show that it would never play Burning Man again, the drum-heavy performance group is coming home with new members, new music and three shows culminating in a collaborative performance with Dan Das Mann’s and Karen Cusolito’s art installation “Crude Awakening.”


The group kicks off its return to Burning Man Tuesday night cruising the playa on Garage Mahal’s art car, then steps up to a full show on Wednesday at the Tsunami stage. The final spectacular performance with “Crude Awakening” takes place at midnight on Friday.

The group’s year began with turmoil after founder Matty Nash made an unscheduled television appearance on “Dateline NBC’s pedophile-sting feature, “To Catch A Predator,” where he was arrested by Long Beach, California, police for “attempted lewd acts on a minor.” He opted to leave the group and pled no-contest to the charges. He is currently serving probation, community service and is in counseling. His wife, Crunchy, who still manages The Mutaytor, makes no excuses for Matty actions, but she has said she is convinced there was a lot more to it than what people saw on television.

With 37 members, the group got its start in the late 1990s on the dusty streets of Black Rock City. It evolved quickly from one man on drums to a performance troupe of musicians, dancers, fire spinners and acrobats. Though the Mutaytor members consider Burning Man their home, the 2004 show, produced with no financial assistance from Black Rock City LLC, was an enormous drain on the band’s finances.

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