The Thinking Burner’s LNT

By Howeird

07_04_the_thinking_burner1Without stating the bleeding obvious, LNT stands for Leave No Trace. Enough said, I say. However here are some LNT practices to consider:

Glass weighs a lot and bottles take up more space than cans. Think about boxed wines – you can get some pretty good ones these days. And beverages in cans, which can be crushed, are the obvious choice of the thinking Burner. If your favorite tipple ONLY comes in glass – please indulge yourself – you are on vacation after all. But first see this blog post for some reasons why you your next favorite foamy may come in cans.

Bring plenty of nice thick garbage bags, with drawstrings. Got to put the bodies somewhere.

My buddy Francis says use a drop cloth, if you have any construction going on, to catch debris. Or have a bloody great magnet on a stick available, if anyone loses anything ferrous. Playa dust can swallow tools whole, never mind nuts, screws, washers and bolts.

Screw washing up. Instead of using disposable cups, plates etc. all the time, consider having your own plastic or metal bowl, cups, plate, fork ‘n spoon and simply use a little spray bottle of water to ‘wash’ and the sleeve of T-shirt to ‘dry.’ Wouldn’t pass any health inspection, but you are the only one using them (as far as YOU know.).

Cut down on the number of saucepans – one size fits all, if it’s big enough.

Make 2007 the year you will not piss on the Playa. Having a screw top bottle with at all times (wide mouthed, naturally) and an extra one on the bike can save embarrassment many times. Amazingly, you CAN have intelligent conversations with people while peeing in a bottle, and nobody will notice – unless you have been eating asparagus.

Save some room in your knapsack to pick up after drunks and frat boys. Otherwise, as soon as one idiot drops a can or butt, it becomes a free-fire zone. “Well. Scott threw HIS Jack Daniels bottle away!” You can dispose of them later. The frat boys that is.

Butts and Altoid tins are a win-win situation. Nobody likes littering smokers with donkey breath.

Go placidly among the noise and haste. Strive to be happy. Give the Man his due.

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