Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

Playa Future Past, Part I

With Black Rock City looming in our future, the Black Rock Beacon presents a weekly column that looks at life on the Playa, to whet the appetite of returning citizens and wisen up the newbies.

By Dust Bunny

Photo by Taymar

On the Playa there is nothing.. not a bug, not a plant, not a drop of water.

What we have plenty of is grime, dirt, dust, Playa graduals, dirt, and more dust. You will notice that the wind blows from the Southwest, the Southeast, Northeast and from the Northwest. Often it blows from all directions at once.

So you want to live there for a week? If you don’t like what we have lots of, don’t bother. What we don’t need is you new idiots kicking up all our precious surpluses. I am talking about our ample supply of dirt.

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