Playa Future Past, Part II

By Dust Bunny

Photo by Taymar

They have stopped.

I don’t know why but they have stopped.

The consistent pounding throbbing pulsating din that goes on and on and on.

Sweet Jesus (pronounced “Ha SOOS!”) Look at that!

The pitch blackness of night is turning orange, slowly at first, hardly noticeable. But the eternal nothingness of night is ending. Thank God!

Jesus looks at me “Kay Paso?”

I have no idea what he is asking. I am only glad he is here.

I feel like I have been injured: there is a pain in the pit of my stomach.

Jesus runs his hand over my ass and up my back. My body shakes.

Jesus found me last night wandering out in the desert. I was thirsty and he gave me some of his water to drink. How long I had been walking I don’t know. All I knew was I had to get away from THEM.


They were told not to bring me here. But I cried and pleaded to come along. Before yesterday I would have gone any place with them. How could I have known that anywhere would end up as bad as this?

It was hardly 24 hours ago we dropped out of the hills on to this flat open desert. A make-do road out into noWhere.

Dust blew hot into the car. The temperature rose quickly, way too fast for me. I tried to ask for water but THEY did not hear me. I whined and pleaded but they were not paying any attention to my needs, only theirs.

They stuffed me under piles of camping gear and sleeping bags. For a moment it was cool.

I heard voices “Welcome HOME! You made it”

I was excited, were we really home? It was so hot.

A voice asked “did you bring any animals, dogs, cats, birds?

GOD, I wish I had barked and said YES ME.

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