Altered State to New York State

By Mitch

Photo by Taymar

“Altered State,” the sculpture that made its debut at Black Rock City 2008, has a new home: it is going to a new art complex in Wappingers Falls, N.Y.


Kate Raudenbush, the artist who created “Altered State,” said it will be placed at the new Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, which is moving from New York City, about 50 miles to the south. The original facility was a museum in Chelsea that housed artist Alex Grey’s painting series of the same name, but the new site is set on 40 acres and is intended as a “sanctuary of visionary art,” according to its website.

A grand opening ceremony for the property will showcase “Altered State” sometime in October, but the date has not yet been set.

Raudenbush said the sculpture would be driven from Sparks, Nev., after Black Rock City 2009. Her 2007 work, “Guardian of Eden,” was purchased for the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno.

“Altered State,” which from a distance resembles the U.S. Capitol dome but at closer range is more of a birdcage, was a popular site for weddings last year, Raudenbush said, including several that had not been planned for it but whose couples had liked the work. She ended up speaking at two of the ceremonies, she added, an unintended consequence of her art.

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