By Rick-Boy

These events take place sometime soon somewhere near.
Jules McCready sat in the court docket. He was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? He was on trial for his life. John Hobbins the prosecutor approached.

“Dr. McCready you are charged with enslavement.”
“So the judge has told me.”
“A charge punishable by death.”

“So you have mentioned.”
“You have taken organs from living people, without their permission. There also is even evidence that you have killed people and taken their organs.”

“None of this is true. It’s a misunderstanding, not that you would care.”
“Oh, indeed I do care Dr. McCready,” he said smirking as he swept his arm toward the jury.

“We all care. It’s you and your ilk of body snatchers that wantonly carved up poor unsuspecting and unknowing people for their organs that don’t care. Isn’t it?”

“No and if you’ve been listening to me you’d know it wasn’t true.”
What happens next? You’ll have to read the Black Rock Beacon in Black Rock City 2009 to find out.


Evilution, epilogue. Previous chapters viewable in the Black Rock Beacon from Black Rock City 2009.

By Rick-Boy

The trial of Jules McCready took a sudden and surprising turn yesterday when the defendant had a seizure on the witness stand. Taken together with the testimony at the trial, it seemed likely that the defendant was not Dr. McCready, but an artificial humanoid constructed — perhaps legally — from basic elements.

Before his collapse, the defendant had claimed he had created something at his laboratory  west of town that resembled human beings. Authorities theorize that he was able to create a near-copy of himself, which he allowed to be arrested and stand trial in his stead. The ruse might have worked until the creature began to malfunction, collapsing on the witness stand.
Sheriff Jeffery H. Stoner along with ATF, FBI, and FDA officials searched the ranch where they found what appeared to be another McCready sequestered in a hidden room in the cellar.

“You’ve finally got me,” he said as he was apprehended, according to law enforcement officers on the scene. The second. McCready hung himself that in night in his jail cell. An autopsy is pending to determine if he is the real McCready. The first McCready has refused or been unable to speak since his courtroom breakdown.


Dr. Thomas Bolton put his copy of The Tahitian Times down in his lap and took a sip of his cocktail as he watched his wife emerge from the pool, grab a towel and begin to dry off.

“Honey, don’t forget we’ve got the Smith’s cocktail party tonight at 5. I’m going in to freshen up. Maybe, you can join me?” she said with a sexy tilt of her eyebrow.

He watched her walk away. She was stunningly beautiful. Long legs, shapely body. She looked great in that white bikini.

The man in the chaise lounge next to him, Paul DeGeorio, his new pal asked, “Hey Tom, how did you ever land a babe like that? She must be 20 years younger than you.”

“Oh, she’s younger than that. How did I land her? I didn’t; I made her,” he chortled.

Paul looked at the man once called Jules and realized he wasn’t going to get a straight answer. He turned his glance toward the woman in the white bikini as she entered the double glass doors to the main hallway of the Hotel Imperial – Tahiti.

“And she’s smart as a whip,” said Paul. “Did you steal her away from an Ivy League  dorm?”

Jules McCready took another sip of his drink. He smiled. He liked his new name. The South Sea islands weren’t a bad place to “retire.” There weren’t many annoying bureaucrats to ask questions about his new “resort” and his products — products like his new “wife.” She was part of the Stephanie Stepford Line. He chuckled at his cleverness. Not even his wife — who thought she was his widow?– recognized the copy hanging in the jail cell. She identified the body as his. The old bag was always nagging, telling him what he was doing was immoral and unethical. Well, so what? He was now officially dead to the world. He liked Sherrie his new “wife.” She was a nice product, really nice.

“Honey?” asked his new wife.

“Yes dear?

“I want you to build me a mate.”


“Honey, I love you to pieces and you know I’ll give you anything you want, but really darling I need more than that.  After all you did build me to have an enormous sex drive and it’s just unfair to be so… so constrained. Don’t you think Darling?”

“Poppy cock. I won’t do it and that’s that,” said McCready.

Sherrie grabbed Jules by the throat and lifted him off the bed. She held him at arms length near the ceiling and looked into his eyes as he gasped for breath, “of course you will darling, you have no choice. You’re only human.”

She gently put him down on the bed and walked to the bathroom, “I’m going to shower. Let’s review the design in the morning.”

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