Playa Future Past, Part IV

By Dust Bunny

“You are going to be okay.

Can you tell us what happened?”

Where am I?

“You are in the Med. tent, sector nine. Try not to move”

Did I die?

“We thought we lost you!”

Who are these people?

“John Doe is conscious now Doctor.”


“Has he said anything yet?”

“No, not a word”

A thin line of light seeps into my lower vision. I realize my eyes are closed eye lashes stuck together.

“That was a terrible fall you must have taken!”

Who is she talking to? What fall? Where exactly am I?

“Welcome back, Blue eyes!”

Back? Where did I go? I try to move and pain shoots through my entire body. I try to scream out but I have no voice. My mouth is dry and sticky like my eyes. “Blue eyes, we need you to keep your eyes open. You must stay awake. If you shut your eyes you may die.”

What? Die? What is she talking about? Something wet passes over my lips and touches the tip of my tongue. My mouth is so dry. My tongue is stiff it is so dry. My throat is raw from screaming. My throat is on fire as I breathe in and out through my mouth.

“Water!” The sound of my voice is strange, hoarse. My lips, tongue and jaw do not move at all. A red sticky haze fills my blurred vision. A woman is standing over me with a small wet rag wiping my mouth “You are very dehydrated, we have you hooked up to an IV, there is a serious cut over your eyes. You were bleeding when they brought you in. What is your name?”


“Ok Dragon, but we will need your real name.” “

I must get back,” “Must fight the Dragon!”

“Well Mr. Dragon, you are going NOwhere until we get you rehydrated and those lacerations stitched up!”

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