10 thoughts on “Flag Mayhem Mars Arizona Regional

  1. I enjoyed the words of Cosmic Sea and Yardz and feel bad for them. I’ve never understood how people can sleep at night after taking something that does not belong to them.

    1. That is exactly how I felt about my hand painted ranger flag that was taken and vandalized. It made me pretty sad that someone I once called friend thought it was OK to tear seams and put large holes in something I put a lot of work into creating.

    1. Well ninja poop…the article got me de-lammed from BRC Rangers…for one thing. I guess *some* people really didn’t want this story told.

  2. Just to clear things up here:

    The Leads did NOT return the flag to the Rangers as the Leads were never in possession of the Ranger Flag . In fact, we tried to get it back from Indigo Stef aka Sista Turtle Dove many times but she either refused or lied to us. By Friday we were at the point of tearing her camp apart to find it but we found out it was returned vandalized.

    I do NOT condone in any way such actions and tried numerous times to resolve this issue. The Arizona Gate department has a strong work ethic and will take extra steps to prevent such things from happening in the future from any member of the department. She will no longer serve on any AZ Gate or Greeter shifts.

    We would just like them returned and have this situation resolved.

  3. I’ve got a $20 bill that says Stephanie “Indigo” Wood has both of the missing flags. The drama clings to that one like white on rice.

  4. I am not in possession of any flags. I am curious as to who returned the Ranger flag if it was not the leads..as that is what I was informed. I will retract that part of the story if it is not true…however Cosmic Sea you should probably talk to your co-lead about that.

  5. would it be too obvious to suggest that this was a practical joke, perhaps by someone enjoying the burn TOO much and thinking that they were back in high school? And speaking of high school…some of the comments here are what I’d expect to hear from HS kids, or, religious fanatics, or government burearcrats…we all get chances for lessons every day…is this one for burners to look in the mirror, laugh at how seriously they take themselves and, to lighten up? mischief happens, dudes

  6. Pretty sure I knew that before I posted…
    But do keep going – perhaps once you have enough negative social capital you expect some kind of fuzzy math to undo your advanced state of narcissism which borders on sociopathic. Or perhaps true karma will lead you to a psychopath that can out game you… either way, you’re running out of friends on all fronts. Ever consider you yourself might actually be the source of all your problems?

  7. Ninjapoop; Funny how it seems so easy for you to publicly shame me anonymously. I have plenty of friends…because good people are interested in the truth…not gossip and name calling. You remind me of a certain person I know that has been trying to ruin my social capital for about a year now. It didn’t work. My math is excellent; it is your perception of the facts that proves faulty. Continue to hide behind your fake name. It’s easy to insult people from behind a curtain. I hope you find a better outlet for your anger…because I refuse to be your punching bag.

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