Playa Con Dios

By Howeird

According to the locals, our beloved Playa is in the best shape it has been in since 1997, when a jet-propelled car called ThrustSSC broke the sound barrier there on October 15th and set an new world land speed record of 763 miles per hour.

Precipitation was plentiful last winter and the playa even had a decent layer of snow on it, according to Dave Lesfevre at the Winnemucca office of the federal Bureau of Land Management. Once the white stuff melted, the continuous wave action of the wind provided all the levelling old Lake Lohontan needed to take on its billiard table appearance.

Maid Marian, Burning Man’s mistress of communications, noted that the Playa was “hard and chunky” when she arrived earlier in the summer, “so there was hardly a plume when you drove,” but more recently, the ground has dried and “the dust is more noticeable.”

On June 25 that around 9 p.m., some customers of Bev’s Miner’s Club in Gerlach found their drinks were being watered — 2 inches of rain in 15 minutes caused a flash flood that flowed right in through the back of the bar, shorting out two refrigerators and taking out the floor in the store room and an adjoining bedroom. Only quick action with some brooms prevented the mud from remaining ankle deep in the bar, but repairs will still take several weeks.

The same flood decimated Dooby Road’s southern end and it should only be visited from the north or by foot.

Announcing the Black Rock Beacon

From the dust of playa papers past comes the Black Rock Beacon, a new daily publication for the Burning Man community. Our gift is an independent source of news and information to brighten the week in Black Rock City and a website to keep people up-to-date on Burning Man happenings the year round.

Although we are a brand-new publication without official ties to the Burning Man organization, our team has years of experience in producing daily newspapers on the Playa. As you may know, the Burning Man organization has announced that it will cease publication of the daily editions of the Black Rock Gazette, but we’re betting that Burners still want to be informed and entertained by Black Rock City Burnalists.

For 2005, we are planning five daily issues brimming with news and views for Black Rock City.

To learn more about us, please visit our website at and our message board at We welcome volunteers who want to help us create the most memorable publications ever to grace Black Rock City. Enthusiasm is more important than experience, and we have plenty of pre-Playa work to do. We’ll be a mapped camp as well, with our own Black Rock mansion as headquarters and a limited amount of space is still available.

Do we need financial aid? Glad you asked, of course we do! Donate what you can, every bit helps; if you can offer $5 or more, we’ll guarantee that you receive five daily issues, which you’ll be able to pick up at our camp. Those donating $20 or more will be entered into our Breakfast in Bed With a Playa Hottie raffle. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

Sit back in the morning watching the sun rise with your cup of coffee and the latest copy of the Black Rock Beacon knowing it was YOU that helped make it happen!

To contribute by PayPal
Go to
Logon (or create an account)
Click on the Send Money tab at the top.
Send money to “”
(keep the PayPal electronic receipt for tax purposes)

To contribute by check, money order or cash, send your donation to:

Black Rock Beacon
31811 Pacific Highway South B-123
Federal Way, WA 98003

Please include your name, address, and email.

Many thanks to those who have already shown their support. We hope to provide Black Rock City with the most exciting Playa papers ever. The Beacon is our art and our gift.

Smile High: Fundraising Post-Haste

By Gothalot

What, you thought the Black Rock City Post Office just ran on bribes? Those insatiable postalites may never get enough playa schwag, but like any other theme camp they need cold, hard cash to provide their disservices to our fair municipality.

“Although we like bribes, Frankly, [ed. note: we don’t know who Frankly is] you can’t run a post office serving thousands of Playans on kickbacks alone,” exclaimed Post Office organizer Nutmeg Alfreado. So Nutmeg and his merry marksmen looked to the Founding Fathers for help. No, not Larry, the ones who have been dead long enough to be immortalized in green and black.

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Burning in the Rain: The Portland Region’s First Soak

By Jason

Soak, the first regional Burn in the Portland area, was held on the Central coast of Oregon near Waldport over the first weekend of June. It took place on 80 acres of beautiful landscape containing a lake, sweat lodge, playground, orchard, and many other attractions.

I was the main organizer of 1derland, a loose collective of Burners and other friends from the Portland area inspired by the tales of Lewis Carroll. The weekend pulled over 240 burners from all over Oregon and included a few family members from California, Washington, and even Vancouver BC. Most everyone was set up in a tent with a small minority in trailers and RV’s.

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